4 Tips on SEO for Images


A New age proverb says an image is probably worth a 1000 hits on Image search engines if you optimize it right. If you run a celebrity wallpaper like me, you should probably know that the majority of people looking for good wallpapers and shots of half naked celebs come from Google Image Search. There are not many ways to SEO  images for search positions, this article tries to cover a few of the common methods.

  1. ALT Image text – Probably the old school method of SEO. You stuff in your keywords into <img alt=”image-desc”>and you are done. There is a beautiful wordpress plugin that automatically optimizes your images with appropriate title and alt tags. Grab it here.
  2. Text around Images – Google is great with text search so, they use it to determine to get clue about the image in the pages too. For example, if you have a picture with text that says “Picture of me and the donkey”, google will place it better.
  3. Image Names – This goes without saying and is similar to the URL structure in a normal page. Using nice names like “Trees-in-Andorra.jpg” with make more sense than “DSC0017.jpg”
  4. Inbound Links – Though it is kind of rude to link to someone elses image and leech their bandwidth, it will help Google place your image better as it helps normal images.

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