Smart way to update your Minisites

I found that a lot of people are using minisites about different topics to make money with adsense and other programs. Lot of webmasters feel that they should have a lot of sites in different niches to get a decent income without much trouble.

What are minisites? They are small sites with information about a topic and the subjects around it written with SEO in mind to obtain high results for a set of keywords to bring in traffic.

If you are looking for information on how to make a profitable niche blog yourself visit my friend – Derek Beau who is currently running a case study on how this can be done. But of course only after you are done with this post! 😉

I have a mini site on the recently famous disease at my place Kerala, India called Chikungunya fever. I was bent on updating it frequently with some news, views and trivial things on the disease as they happen. I am using Google Alerts for this purpose, which is a really helpful tool to keep track of news, search engine results and other information which will be sent you by email as they happen or as a digest in the time interval you specify.

Web Designer Cochin Blog - TheAnand shows the use of Google Alerts

So whenever the fever breaks in any part of the world, I get an email which I can use as the source of data for a blog post. Also, if you are too lazy, you can setup a comprehensive email to blog post feature and use that email to create an alert. Smaaart Way! 😈 This way you have a site that auto updates itself with news as it happens!!!

So, do you use this or any other sites for that matter to keep yourself updated?

  1. I had create but gave up since it wasn’t getting any traffic.

    I wonder how search engines rank index duplicate news data?

  2. You should use it to get the latest on your niche and then write about it on your perpective and hence you avoid the duplicate content penalty too. Scraping content is always a bad thing to do, no matter what.

    Also, original content means that you will be able to rank better. So get the news, find out the keywords and then write about it and enjoy the traffic!

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