Social Bookmarking: Day 2 of Easy Link Building


Welcome to Day 2 of Easy Link Building! I am planning to cover 5 popular and insanely easy ways of building backlinks to your site in this 5 day post series. So kids, we are going to lesson 2, Day 2!All the lessons will be updated centrally on pilot post of easy link building here.

Social Bookmarking is a ongoing process. There are a lot of social bookmarking sites like Delicious, Jumptags, Digg and others which help you get backlinks to your site as well as some good traffic if you submit them to the right categories and participate in the community. This method explained here is also a sureshot way of getting banned from certain social bookmarking site if you are selfish enough not to participate in the community but want all the link love.

You can submit all your pages or those pages which you need backlinks for to various social bookmarking sites which have dofollow backlinks (though I don’t believe in their relevance anymore.) to them.

This is really a no-brainer. Social Networks and Social web 2.0 sites get the bulk of the online traffic these days. Being on the right network with the right group of friends is very important if your site has a long term potential/goals.

Being the “why-reinvent-the-wheel” (read:lazy) guy that I am, this weeks resource list can be found at Caroline Middlebrook who has this wonderful list of social bookmarking sites to spam submit on.

If you are looking to make this a part of your daily activity online, you might want to checkout this list of 10 awesome addons for firefox for Social Media.

So thats about it on social bookmarking and linkbuilding. Until tomorrow, the court/school is adjourned! You might want to subscribe to my updates on email alerts or on RSS readers to keep yourself updated on this series.

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