Social Media and Recommendation Marketing

“Recommendation Marketing” is a buzzword that has been on my mind for sometime now. I don’t really remember where I got it from but it makes so much sense in terms of ROI in Social Media. Check this sample search on Twitter:


If you do a custom search based on your product/service, you will most probably find a bunch of “credit-card on hand” , “will buy now” and “help me purchase” hot leads on these Web 2.0 3.0? (or 3.5??) properties.

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  1. hehe, hope you get some offer off of this one! About the buzz word… I am not sure about it..

    recommendation and marketing… i dont think these 2 fit that well together..

  2. It makes great sense online rather than offline. I think they do not fit well because traditional marketers are so used to push to the consumer that they think recommendation marketing is a joke.

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