STOP Blogging Silly, Content King has been Dethroned?

This is it. I had tried so hard to ignore this newly propogated idea on the internet that suddenly “content is not king”. But being the kind of guy who reads about 100 blogs a day, its so hard. Till the recent times, as recent as 3 weeks back, it was said that content is king and suddenly everyone wants to turn the plate?

I have been hearing about this since the day I got online and from the day I started blogging. But suddenly the content king is being de-throned by marketing and linkbuilding and even social media? I beg to differ and stick to the old age saying which was phrased by God-Knows-Who.

Content Is KING!

Without content, what will you market? What will you build links to? Without content what will the social media scavengers users read? Who is talking about this new king making theory and what are they saying?

I think it’s smarter to say that content is indispensable. It’s what people go online to find, and it’s what Google loves. There are only a few online marketing models that don’t require valuable content, and those few are getting tougher by the day, and result in no long-term assets. – CopyBlogger.

Copybloggers looks at the idea as both sides of the coin with the conclusion asking if communication is the new king.

Think of your content as a king without a kingdom. Who is it going to rule over? How will people find your content if it doesn’t get enough internet and search engine exposure? – Blogsessive

Well, with all the exposure and marketing, will the readers come over to see a shabby little site? King is the most important part of the kingdom is you ask me, not the army commander though he is powerful.

Content without visibility is like a king without an empire. What the content is king argument has always meant is that content with promotion is king. Develop a great piece of content, promote it, and people will respond. – PiggyBankPie

This is a good take at the point, content with promotion is a great mix. But I cannot imagine an empire without a king. It gets looted and plundered!!

I would suppose that many of you have been caught in this trap, in fact I’ve been caught there myself. I’ve posted nearly 400 times on this site, and less than 20 URLs on are responsible for more than 90% of my current traffic. What does that tell you about the other 380 posts? – CourtneyTuttle

Court as we all know has a great resource on internet marketing who also happens to be only of my model blogger, but I would love to challenge him to make himself an authority on “internet marketing” with those 20 urls alone. You forgot the backlinks you got for your other 380 posts that made you the authority. You forgot the support those content provides the homepage. You forgot the RSS subscribers you got with them. How could you? *Sniff 😉 Though Court tried to take a unbias view later in the post, it did not balance it much 🙂

Certainly at the core of most great blogs is useful and unique content that draws readers in and generates links from other blogs, builds the profile and reputation of the blog – however sometimes great content is simply not enough.

The reality is that many bloggers write excellent content – however not all of them break through the clutter and rise to the top of their niche. – Problogger

Problogger really tries to define the undefinable on this one! But the final word is so wrong. Most people starting off do produce quality content, But with search engines, quality content and keyword stuffing are different things. They need to keep writing and at some point, their posts begin to get the search love. Without regular content, what could have happened? A dead blog?

What are Blogs About?

Its funny to see blogs, which are supposed to be sites that have regularly updated content say that content is not king!!! A blog where content takes a backseat? I would love to see that one succeed. What do you think about this whole debate about dethroing the content king?

  1. I think that perhaps you’re reading a little much into what I said in my post. Nowhere have I said that content takes a back seat or is dethroned as being important.

    I do think that content is King – all I was attempting to say is that great content ALONE doesn’t guarantee success. Other factors come into play when you look at successful blogs. Content is certainly central and key – but if all you ever do is write great content it can go unnoticed.

    By no means do I personally discount the power of content – just wanting to show that other factors come into play also. I think bloggers need to invest serious time into content creation but need to be holistic in their approach and work on other factors also.

  2. I agree with Darren.

    Content is King, but it is not sufficient. We need marketing too.

    I can show you a lot of blogs writing great content but are lagging behind in popularity simply because they could not do enough marketing.

  3. @ Darren, That is my way of saying that the king cannot work without proper ministers 😉 Other factors do come into play, but they all depend on the content that exists.

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