StumbleCult: Get your Seed Stumbles

StumbleUpon, every blogger loves this one! Its a great source of traffic for every blogger, big and small. The best part of StumbleUpon is that it gives you free traffic and is not really into the crowd mentality like Digg or the other media sites. Though hard to monetize, it builds a brand by putting it in front of a million people. Thats very important if you are looking forward to become a problogger or a popular one. Here is a screenshot of my traffic:

StumbleCult: Stumble Upon Gaming for free Traffic

The spikes from the middle of the month are from StumbleUpon. I am in no way a fan of social media and that was a mistake. Its a nice source of traffic and see the exact numbers here:


Thats from the 21st of February. Decent enough? If I write more articles that appeals to the wide social media audience, this can as well hit the roof! And Stumble brings in continuous traffic to some of my traffic after the spike. About 10-20 a day to a post. Again, imagine if you have a 100 posts on this mode. Hyper cool!

So this brings up the next question, how to get people to stumble your site? I found a lot of threads that do stumble exchanges in Digitalpoint forums. And there are some sites like Suexchange and others. But all of them lacked one thing, ease of use and automation.

So, with a few friends I put up StumbleCult which is a site where you get to put in your site for others to review and rate with StumbleUpon. The site works on a credit system where you get points for rating a site and in return put up your sites for review. The verification of your stumbles is automated and easy to use too.

The site is in limited beta now, but you can join in by sending an email to So join in today and get your seed stumbles from StumbleCult, the new way to get your pages visible to millions of people. 🙂

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