StumbleCult Opens Up

StumbleCult is not a Stumble Exchange Community; Get your Seed Stumbles here.This post is kind of late. If you have been to the new StumbleCult recently, you might have noticed a lot of new stuff like the new design is up now and the registration is now open to everyone. StumbleCult is now officially open to the public 🙂 The platform is now stable and running smooth.

This is one of our projects in which I have a lot of hope on. The number of active members are increasing by the day we plan to include more updates to the site including support for OpenID. Are you the part of the Cult yet? The all new stumble site to get your seed stumbles. The major difference from the rest of the sites in our league is the completely automated process of  verification. Ability to ignore sites that you do not like, and credit based system which is fair 🙂

Do the webmaster in you a favor, Join in StumbleCult

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