Adsense Placement Tips – Less for More Concept

I am a big fan of testing ad units, primarily because it lets me find the best placements for a website. I think everyone looking forward to put in adunits to make money online in their sites should do it once the sites reaches 500+ visitors a day. You should have seen this Google adsense […]

What type of Traffic are you getting?

For the last few weeks, I had put a stop to my “1 site a week” stretegy and had been concentrating on my network and trying to increase the worth of it than work with numbers. I noticed this site in the network which gets pathetic traffic. And guess how much this single site been […]

What Do You Want Your Readers To Do?

Recently I had a chance to check up on my friends blog to edit his theme a bit. I was taken aback with this bloggers design. He has two different plugins for social bookmarking, his each post had some 7-10 tags, 2 sets of related posts and a rss subscription options and luckily no ads. […]

Build a Niche Blog Challenge – Step 1

This post is the second post in the series of posts I plan to do on creating a niche blog. I have been making niche blogs for about 3 years now and with each site I make, I learn a ton about making money online with niche blogs. Each site takes a different monetization approach […]

Build a Niche Blog for Adsense Revenue

Today a friend of mine Nomar pinged me up on chat and challenged me to do a competition to create a low mantainance niche blog on a topic and make money off it with adsense. Though I see some good money with affiliates, adsense has been my favourite way of earning. It is low work, […]

Adsense for Feedburner is Active

Last month Google opened up their adsense for feeds for the public and I had tried to add my feeds, but I had to move all my feeds from feedburner to google feedburner. I had requested for the switch and forgot about it. Yesterday I got their mail about the confirmation of the transfer of […]

How To Make Money Blogging?

I am some sort of a pioneer in making money online my friends circle. Initially I used to persuade my friends to make money online, but these days I am persuading them to start blogging. So far I have succeeded in converting one to blogging religion but he is not actually blogging for the right […]

First Adsense Check: Millionaire….?

Millionaire? Not Exactly Last week I got my first Adsense Check from Google. Nothing else for a better New Year Gift! Hope I keep getting these every month! How much was it? The check was a huge princely amount of 127$! Yep, I have not left out any zeros on either side intentionally or otherwise! […]