5 Steps to New Niche Ideas

Today you are going to read about one of my top secret tools – The Google Insights and how I use it to find new niches to dominate. Google being one of the biggest search players, it is important to follow up and use every Google Keyword tool to research your niche. I have been […]

How much are you making?

Accountability is key in affiliate marketing. If you have started off and not done it yet, you are being stupid. In Affiliate Marketing, it is easy to get excited to see conversions going up and money coming into your affiliate marketing account. But once you get serious about affiliate marketing, it can get pretty deceptive […]

What type of Traffic are you getting?

For the last few weeks, I had put a stop to my “1 site a week” stretegy and had been concentrating on my network and trying to increase the worth of it than work with numbers. I noticed this site in the network which gets pathetic traffic. And guess how much this single site been […]

Make Money With Affiliate Programs

Since my last post on my recent earnings from affiliate marketing, a few of my close friends asked me about affiliate marketing and how to make money from affiliate programs. Making money with Affiliate Programs is easy and returns are way better than adsense. Adsense pays you per click where as affiliate marketing is all […]