AGLOCO Dead: May Your soul rest in pieces!

So, its official today, AGLOCO is a dead horse project. All that hype claiming to make you money for surfing the Internet and all that hard work you guys put in for getting referrals and accumulating are hereby declared worthless! My first reaction was a smile when I got this email. I was expecting this […]

AGloCo Scam-Bar Slated for Release

The AGloCo Scam-Viewbar is currently slated for release on Monday, that’s Tuesday in Asia. Hope they keep up their word this time, else they are in for a beating from most members! Their official blog has announced that the viewbar will be avaliable for download and use with most Windows machines with support for IE […]

AGloCo – Scam? Top 10 Points to Ponder

It is pretty evident that I support AGloCo in all its glory and have been pretty active in trying to grow the “community” before the Viewbar is actually released and some money made. I was very exited about the program and stuff, but I am beginning to get concerned about the delay in Viewbar release […]

Money Making Mission:Update

Its been almost 2 months since I signed up for the various money making jobs on the internet. So how successful have I been? Initially I wanted to post a report, but if I did it, it will a funny post altogether! So I thought of taking each program and reviewing them from my view. […]

Agloco Viewbar Launched!

We can say that soon! As per the Agloco Blog, the viewbar launch is currently slated for launch in March. The Agloco, if you do not know yet, is a internet economic network that wants to share its revenue with its users. The concept is pretty simple, as explained below “You might already know that […]

The Agloco Update – Make Money Online

This is a update to my previous post titled – “Here’s your chance to Own The Internet” where I first wrote about this new trend of economic networks. They have updated on their official blog that the Viewbar will be available for download in 7 to 10 weeks time. That gives us sometime to build […]

Your chance to Own the Internet

My ideology is simple; you should be rewarded for your efforts, how much ever big or small. Look around the World Wide Web, one either has to own and MAINTAIN a community with a large number of users or have plenty to original content to attract internet users to earn and generate a decent income […]