Measuring your SEO Success – Backlinks

It is a known fact that backlinks are one of the major factors which Google consider while indexing our websites in their search results. The more you have the better. But it is also important to take care of the quality of backlinks that you get for your website as building backlinks the wrong way […]

Google Caffeine Search Engine Factors – Myths

This post is a response to this post I came across the other day tonight on Twitter about the Google Caffeine Search Engine Ranking factors which claimed to put tips to optimize your website to the new version of Google Search which is reportedly live on some datacenters. I question the source  of that article […]

Web2.0 Backlinks: Day 4 of Easy Link Building

A method I have been using lately is the Web 2.0 method of creating backlinks to your sites. I specifically use a the modified version of the LinkWheel method which is getting some rave results in my experiments with some keywords jumping up 3-4 positions within weeks of creating a wheel. A method of creating […]

Press Release: Day 3 of Easy Link Building

Personally, I think Press Releases for Backlinks have been manipulated to no end by smart webmasters and those looking to build a buzz around their product. If you can take some time off and craft a good press release, I am sure it can get listed in major news aggregators and even high end News […]

5 Days of Easy Link Building

This week I am in mood for some link building! Anyone remotely interested getting more traffic to their website will be interested in knowing the various options to build links to your sites. After some hours spent on my mindmap on building links, I plan to tell you the various avenues to build links to […]

Planning Your Milestones Right

Its very important to have your blogging milestones set before you start off blogging – thats what theory says. Unfortunately, I or anyone is rarely guided by people while starting off. After about 3 years of Blogging (4 years, If manually updating html pages everyday can be considered blogging) 😉 , here is what I […]

Get your Own Edu Blogs and Links For Free

What if I told you that I can tell you a trick that will help you own unlimited .edu blog for free? What if I told you that .edu backlinks are most sought after links by most link builders and SEO Gurus everywhere? Guess you already knew that. 🙂 I recently wrote my first ebook […]

Article Marketing for Backlinks

Though this has been around for sometime, not many people look at it as a way to promote their site. Finally after a bit of debate, I decided to do a bit of article marketing myself for Shymz. So, what is this Article Marketing? Article marketing is a type of advertising by writing short articles […]