10 Tips to Organize Your Blog For Readers

Having a well-organized blog can make a huge difference in the ability of your readers to navigate your site quickly and efficiently. Moreover, there are few who will likely disagree that keeping your readers happy is one of the best ways to keep them coming back to your blog. If you’re looking for some ideas […]

Saturday Shouts – Interesting reads

Saturday Shouts! 🙂 On these posts I try to link to interesting reads of the week and I will try to keep the lists small so that they do not take too much of your time this weekend! My Startup Ideas I Never Launched CollinLaHay shows you his ideas which never took off. If some […]

5 Tips To Build Your Online Personal Brand

My startup was recently approached by another small business with a very energetic man on top. They wanted to know how they manage their brand online as a company. We decided to go with the Personal Branding route as their CEO was a known personality with the number of conferences he had been to and […]