How to survive in a Post-Google World

The recent reshuffle of the Google results has severely affected one of my most active websites with traffic falling more than 80%. It was one of my biggest single earners in terms of money and loosing revenue from it is a big time bad news for me. After almost 3+ years of solid rankings and […]

Someday is not a day of the week

Believe it or not, I never relied extensively on my browsers’ dictionary to spell the word – entrepreneurship until recently when I started to fill up my profiles on the web. As with everyone, with frequent usage I learnt the word without having to wait for the wavy red underline. Someday is not a day […]

Lets’ Learn from SPAM!

I recently put out a tweet about how your blog is in the right track if you get more spammy comments. From what I see, you are seen by the bots, which means search engines and other kinds of bots should see you too. Its a good thing though not many followers agreed with me! […]

6 Time Management Tips for the Web Enthusiast

I am a internet junkie if not anything else! Spending hours reading blogs (about 250 of them) lurking around forums and not to mention Social Networks and the links shared on Twitter, Facebook and Stumbleupon. This has led to serious time management issues ever since I started working on my startup. I finally decided to […]

Planning Your Milestones Right

Its very important to have your blogging milestones set before you start off blogging – thats what theory says. Unfortunately, I or anyone is rarely guided by people while starting off. After about 3 years of Blogging (4 years, If manually updating html pages everyday can be considered blogging) 😉 , here is what I […]

Blogswara – Impressive Independent Music!

Its a creative world outside!!! I know Joseph Thomas as a blogger and met him through the BlogCamp Kerala in August. What really caught my attention was a recent newspaper article about him in a national newspaper. He is the founder of Blogswara, which is a interesting mix of audio-blogging. What is blogswara? Blogswara is […]

5 Ways to Benefit From Recession

My cousin and I were trying to figure out ways to escape/reduce the problem of recession. Every person I have been talking to have worries over recession and especially those in IT related services. They are a worried lot, with huge housing loans over their heads, with their net worth in the marriage market falling. […]

Music to Boost Productivity?

Music does wonders to all of us. But can it help in boosting our productivity? I had sometime back stumbled upon on some article where the author said that jazz is the best companion for the freelance writer. Unfortunately I did not note the URL or the specifics of the article. But since the start […]