Blogging Idol II – The War is on!

I think I just got over the writers block last week and I think I have some 10 posts in future timestamp for this month already. I have not been posting regularly since the start of last month. But all that is set to change this month. I am planning on some really solid posts […]

Happy Celebrations: The Winners

The contest finally came to an end last week and I am putting up the winners and their winnings here. If you have been selected as one, get in touch at Yahoo! or Gtalk IM or use the contact form to claim the same. First, here are the participants. John Shypy Aravind Sreehari Tito Haroon […]

Blog Contests And Traffic

With my own blogging celebrations coming to an end today by 18:00 Indian time, I was back to thinking about how contests can help gain more traffic to our blogs. I know at least 10 bloggers who usually put up contests on their sites and giveaways to make their blogging community active and interesting. But […] seeks Advertisers

As matures with time, I think its time for a redesign again. Initially this blog used a free theme, then I got around making 2 custom themes myself and now I am in the process of getting a professional theme done. As per the team behind the redesign, it should be up in another […]

And $27.93 goes to…

I was thinking of making this into a video of sorts, but my stupid digicam is on a riot since my vacation in August. So people, I am announcing the winner of my contest – Smilu!!! Consider yourself lucky to win this prize since it will just help you get out of that blogspot domain […]

Announcing the end of 27.93 Giveaway!!

I am announcing the end of my $27.93 cash giveaway today. The response was pretty good and some more entries are in. I wanted to give everyone a fair chance before I closed this contest. Also my server troubles meant that I could not give the needed attention to this contest. Nevertheless, the contest closes […]

$27.93 Giveaway Set 1

The promotion is going strong and as I promised, here are the first set of participants for the contest. If you are unaware, TheAnand is giving away $27.93 in a linkback contest. Besides the chance to win, you get a free from my blog too. Though the PR is not very decent, but the other […]

Blog Earnings for the Month: June ’07

Going from $70.94 in April through $194 in May to the end of yet another month – June. Its really a learning experience, trying to make money, spending some and making some more. I was debating on whether to publish my earnings this month since I am supposed to take the focus of making money […]