Tech Trends In Business

Ah, technology. It is a constant source of fun for me. But a lot of this stuff has real uses; here’s a look at some tech trends that are going to change the way lots of businesses operate. Phone Conferences Conference calls have been around forever, but businesses are definitely starting to use them more […]

One Trait of a Successful Entrepreneur

A question on LinkedIn Group Young Indian Entrepreneurs asks: If you were to pick one trait of a successful entrepreneur what would it be? What is the most essential quality one should have to be an entrepreneur. Passion, Self confidence, Risk taking ability, Visonary etc. etc. But if you have to pick up one trait […]

Radio finally comes to Cochin, But…

Its been quite a while since Kerala got its private radio stations and Cochin is the last city to join the party. I never thought radio was boring since its quite an engaging thing while driving or while just taking a rest at the couch. I usually tune into the All India Radio once in […]

Jaya TV Goof up

Today Morning I was hopping channel to channel in hopes of finding something worthwhile to watch when I saw Jaya TV running a morning breakfast show called Kaalai Malar. They were running a segment on Fitness and Health. A section in the show was website review in which they were busy reviewing a fitness site […]

Which Harry Potter Character Are You?

Tickle is a great fun way to waste some quality and get to know yourself better! I am the one himself! I could always related myself to Harry at certain points in his “life” too. This just confirms it! So which Potter Character are you? Which Harry Potter Character Are You? My Result: Harry Potter […]

Cool WordPress Plugins to Rock Thy Blog!

I never get fed up of searching for new snazzy plugins to make my blog more beautiful. πŸ™‚ A beautiful blog makes you want to blog more effectively or so I believe. You might want to check out my other wordpress plugin posts like this one. My New WordPress Plugins Another 7 Useful WordPress plugins […]

Blog Camp in Kerala

BlogCamps are fun! Not that I have been to any. Judging from how the recent barcamp went, it seems that BlogCamp will be hell lot of fun! The concept of barcamps, meetups and unconferences are slowly catching pace in Kerala judging the crowd at the past 3 barcamps and junior barcamps. Funnily enough, my spell […]

Fun: Google is funny!

In todays world, when you want to answer something you know nothing about, you just say: “Yo Just Google it Maan!”. Google is a search engine that is supposed to know everything right? Right. Check out the answer to the answer to life, the universe, and everything. πŸ™‚ And guess whats on sale on Ebay […]

BarCamp Time for Kerala

One of my resolutions for the New Year was to connect with more techies and webbies offline and hence have a pool of contacts I can always count on to have a drink or a watch a movie together or maybe simply ask about their adsense earnings for the week ;). Orkut was my first […]

New Year Spoilsports

Usually the New Year for me meant getting drunk and partying out on the roads with friends doing things that are usually illegal and totally stupid. πŸ˜‰ This year I chose to do something different and try slide into the new year than try to run head on into it with a bottle of Vodka! […]