Using the Theory of Relativity

Written in one of those moments when I thought – “This is definitely going in my blog!”. Brilliant man the person was…the person above – Mr. Albert Einstein. The theory of relativity is something I always found fascinating. It is deep when you think about it in your life. It is used by everyone when […]

Best GTD Software for Windows – Tudumo Review

I was supposed to take this session in the 5th edition of BarcampKerala, but unfortunately I was not able to due to many reasons. I started using Tudumo some months back and it has literally changed the way I think of work and its pressures. Wait a minute, pressure? what pressure! How would you feel […]

In the spirit of Christmas!

Its the holiday week, I expect the traffic to dip on almost all the blogs and online shopping and even offline shopping to pick as CNN reports that a chunk of US citizens are not done with the X’Mas shopping yet! And as for this blog and me, I might get back to regular blogging […]

Anand is not dead yet!

Just to clarify my status, I just wanted to tell a few fans (mainly myself 😉 ) of my blog and other readers that Anand is not dead yet! I was putting up posting to the next day all these days mainly due to laziness and pressure at college and other not so life threating […]

Taking Time Off

Last weekend I booked tickets to Banglore with the intent of cutting myself off from the internet and all those jangling phone calls. But I am getting kind of uneasy when I do not blog for days! Its like a total addiction. When I think about something interesting or when something funny happens, the first […]