Orkut Pictures on Google Search

Guess what I found when I searched for myself on Google? Looks like Orkut is being integrated into google search results now. That is good news! Suppose I want to find any other blogger or a friend, I only need to do a google search with his name. Neat, but it seems that the results […]

OpenSocial:Orkut Apps goes live!

Open Social, the Facebook killer by Google is fast approaching launch I guess. Its possibly only hours before everyone announces the launch of the much awaited Orkut Killer Apps! Orkut Killer? Yea, just the sort of thing that will kill Orkut. The new favorite pastime of millions of teenagers in India/Brazil. Since the past week, […]

Orkut now safe for Girls! More New Privacy Features

Since the facelift, Google’s Orkut has been silently adding new features to the Indian/ Brazillian MySpace (is calling them that justified?). Along with better spam management in communities, choosing what you want to show to the world and other numerous features tell us that Google is dead serious about making it big in the US […]

Orkut Applications, Open Social and other Weekend News

Today the much awaited Google led Open Social went live and there is a large buzz in it since a lot of social communities are a part of it including Engage.com, Friendster, hi5, Hyves, imeem, LinkedIn, MySpace, Ning, Oracle, orkut, Plaxo, Salesforce.com, Six Apart, Tianji, Viadeo, and XING. Though MySpace was not on the list, […]

Orkut now with Hindi Scraps

This post is sponsored by OrkutBase – Free HTML codes for Orkut scraps I today loooooged (Goooooogle way! 🙂 ) into orkut, which is a Google attempt at social networking which clicked only in the Indian Subcontinent and Brazil and has mass following here with every teenager spending lots of money and time “orkuting”. I […]

Time to rename Internet as Google!

💡 Well, its time! Seriously. I think its time we call internet as Google, considering the amount of influence they have on internet and its users now. With the acquisition of Feedburner last week, Google has totally taken close to full control over how we receive information to our computer. The search, the emails, the […]

Orkut & YouTube, Merged?

Today I was doing what every teenager does online, using the most popular social networking site on the net – Orkut. But what was different today was a new button on the sidebar – Video. Naturally curious, I went on to check it out, I was surprised, it enabled users to share videos. It is […]

Orkut Tip – Unban a member

The other day I was banned from my company community on Orkut due to some misunderstanding with the owner. When the issue was solved, the owner was at a loss on how to unban me and get me back to the community. After gooogling for a while I found this important post in Devil’s Workshop […]