Honey, I lost my PageRank!

Happened last weekend and I absolutely have no idea why it happened. I added my site to the webmaster central and within a week my PageRank is like poof! Gone! It does not really mean much to me on this site since I do not sell pagerank here, so advertisements are not a reason. Alexa […]

The End of Teen life and Google B’day Gift

Today I, The Anand turned twenty after, well 20 years of my birth 😆 I usually don’t really celebrate my birthdays cuz its been that way for as long as I can remember. So no birthday cake cutting pictures or party pictures today. I was also happy to discover that I share my birthday with […]

More Comments or Leaking Pagerank?

This is an antique debate on using the do-follow plugin on your blogs. Are you looking for more comments on your blog or are you concerned about having a blog that “leaks” pageranks? I had some thoughts on this since I started blogging about a year back. But when JohnChow decided to sell do-follow on […]

Warning:Are you the #1?

Are you the #1 out there? I am usually asking this since I have seen a few #1’s being toppled off by others. These new #1’s are then toppled by others and so on. It is usually very easy to target the numero uno and try to overtake them. But staying at the top is […]

And $27.93 goes to…

I was thinking of making this into a video of sorts, but my stupid digicam is on a riot since my vacation in August. So people, I am announcing the winner of my contest – Smilu!!! Consider yourself lucky to win this prize since it will just help you get out of that blogspot domain […]

Duh! Wheres the PageRank Update?

I have been terribly busy the past month looking at ways to increase my revenue and presence online. Also I am a bit pissed off by the pending page rank. As a webmaster or as a money seeker online, you must know the importance of page rank. It is what determines your ceiling to make […]