Convert Doc to Pdf in Seconds!!!

The other day I working on a document for BlogCamp Kerala 2008 when I found that I needed to convert a document into pdf as soon as possible. There were many available pdf to word/doc convertors online, but most of them had watermarks added to the file which was something I could not with since […]

Orkut now safe for Girls! More New Privacy Features

Since the facelift, Google’s Orkut has been silently adding new features to the Indian/ Brazillian MySpace (is calling them that justified?). Along with better spam management in communities, choosing what you want to show to the world and other numerous features tell us that Google is dead serious about making it big in the US […]

Privacy: How safe is the Alexa Toolbar

My Alexa rankings were dropping like anything for the last few weeks without any kind of explanations or reasons. In a bid to increase my rankings, I decided to try the recently released Alexa Plugin for firefox. I was using the Search Status plugin earlier which was pretty nifty giving me a lot of informations […]