SCAM: Rediff Hosting. Stay Away. They….

<–!Rant starts here–> I can complete the above title in a lot of ways: They…..suck …are unprofessional …are useless …are a waste of time …are a big bunch of scammers! Really. I usually use rediff to check the availability of domains since I found that they are pretty much professional in the fact that they […]

AGLOCO Dead: May Your soul rest in pieces!

So, its official today, AGLOCO is a dead horse project. All that hype claiming to make you money for surfing the Internet and all that hard work you guys put in for getting referrals and accumulating are hereby declared worthless! My first reaction was a smile when I got this email. I was expecting this […]

AGloCo Scam-Bar Slated for Release

The AGloCo Scam-Viewbar is currently slated for release on Monday, that’s Tuesday in Asia. Hope they keep up their word this time, else they are in for a beating from most members! Their official blog has announced that the viewbar will be avaliable for download and use with most Windows machines with support for IE […]