How Geek a Geek are you?

Oops, It just turns out that I am 52% Geek! What I feared has come true! I don’t know if its good or bad. But I just answered a few quiestions, out of which most were crazy quesitions. How Geek a Geek are you? 52% Geek Do tell me your percentage of Geekiness!

TheAnand 2007 launched!

Something off the regular topic, I am almost finished doing my new design, TheAnand 2007. Its once in a year that I completly re-design my homepage and spend the rest of the year tweaking it. But this time the redesign couldn’t have happened at a more worse time, the Google PR update time. I lost […]

Power Blogger Tip!

I found this new idea for power blogging last month, and I wanted to test it before I let you know if it really works or not. When I started blogging some time back, I usually sit for some time and think about the topic to blog and research about it and then blog about […]

The Power of Technorati Train

It has been a good 15 days since I got on board the Technorati Link Train, the results I must say have been simply super I must agree. I ranked somewhere near the north of 1,000,000+. There is a debate going on if this is good for blogs and if its okie to game the […]

Internet: Needs a Format & Restart !?

Absurd? Unthinkable? WTF!? If eveything goes well, soon we will have a new, hot and fresh Internet, or whatever it is going to be called. It promises to address all security, mobility, spam and every problem that has been coming up since the start of the Internet on the second day of September, in 1969. […]

My New WordPress Plugins

Using the last weekend for optimizing blog a little bit more, I decided to install some nice plugins and useful tweaks to make the blog more easier to share and use. Here is what I did this weekend. One thing I learnt was that with the mistylook theme that I am using on this blog, […]

Wired: Blogger of The Month – TheAnand

I wish it was true. But I am still a long way from there. I found this little tool on the web where I can create wired front cover for entertainment purposes only. 🙂 I created one just to see how it looks. I am pretty impressed. I filled in some close to impossible headlines […]

The Blog About Your Blog Blog Review!

Thats a lot of “Blog” word on the title! As I wrote a review about King Nomar a few weeks ago, I was talking about the various competitions on the blogosphere. Its a wonderful way of getting feedback about your site and gettting some linklove on the way. I found today while surfing the […]

Broadband: Things to do

I have been using a broadband connection for the last few months. I am happy with the speeds I have been getting with my Airtel Broadband. Besides using it for emails, blogs, orkutting and other things. I was thinking about what to do with my unlimited connection. Here is what I use my Broadband connection […]

King of the Blogs Hacked?

Today I was thinking of marketing my blog a bit with free blog directories. I was looking for some nice directories to submit my site to when I found King Of The Blogs site. The site was interesting with a PR of 4. But unfortunately this was what I found: Another hack. But what got […]