How To Tell If a Website Is Down?

Friend: Hey dude , I see the red sign which means you are busy, but can you help? Friend: BUZZ!! You: Yea mate, tell me. (frustrated with the sudden interruption) Friend: Check up this site hxxp:// , does it load for you? You: Yea, it loads…. Friend: Thanks a ton man! You: yea sure ….. […]

Connecting with Cochin and Kerala Bloggers

Calling the techies of Kerala! With BarCampKerala and BlogCampKerala, we made a great stride in getting all of us up and personal offline. I think there are a lot more of techies in Kerala who are scattered and we really need to get to them. This will not only help in organizing cool events in […]

Update WordPress leaving your hair intact

Update WordPress leaving your hair intact. Seriously! I have WordPress on majority of my sites and I have a bad headache each time I do a upgrade. I find it tiresome hair-pulling to have all the file backups and database backups and deactivate the plugins, upload new files and all that. Takes me about 30 […]

BarCamp Time for Kerala

One of my resolutions for the New Year was to connect with more techies and webbies offline and hence have a pool of contacts I can always count on to have a drink or a watch a movie together or maybe simply ask about their adsense earnings for the week ;). Orkut was my first […]

Digging the Archives

Today I went around digging my own archives again to find some of my well received posts. Those who are new to my blog might find it interesting. Tell me what deserves a kudos or a kick! Made for Paid Posts is the next big thing! My Cash Giveaway, are you in yet? Who is […]

PHP vs. Asp. vs. Jsp

As you might know, I am trying to leverage my skills online, trying to make money off the internet. The internet is continously evolving, from a simple way to communicate between two computers, it has gone a long way. Heck, some are even trying to scrap it off! I started off my web life with […]

A Blast From The Past!

I am bringing in some of my previous posts to the front page. The traffic to this blog have reached places in the last few months, so it will be nice to have some of my interesting posts from the archive to the front page. Here we go! First will be the JohChow Pen, which […]

Yahoo! Mail & Messenger Together!

Logging into my favorite mail service, Yahoo! gave me a pleasant surprise, the yahoo mail and messenger integration. I have not used it yet, it feels strangely different to use a chat client with a browser, but I had pleasant experiences with their new web messenger, so this should be cool!   It definitely looks […]

Internet: Needs a Format & Restart !?

Absurd? Unthinkable? WTF!? If eveything goes well, soon we will have a new, hot and fresh Internet, or whatever it is going to be called. It promises to address all security, mobility, spam and every problem that has been coming up since the start of the Internet on the second day of September, in 1969. […]