Err, Where am I?

I got back from my vacation. But I am in a strange problem. My site is having a problem with www. and without www which is showing different versions on this site. I have no idea which server I am posting this on. If I visit without the www., it shows a post dated […]

More Trouble follows….

Looks like April is not the best of time for me. First was my web server mess up and now its my hard disk crash! It shows how a drop of carelessness and erase your very own virtual existence. I had two hard disks in my previous syste, with one running linux and the other […]

Sorry for the interruption! is up after almost 72 agonising hours of downtime. I am really sorry about this, my host was trying to migrate this blog to another server which obviously failed. Now I am back to the old server. Things seem to be working now, do tell me if you find anything amiss or broken. The […]