Weekend Video: Vampire Weekend – A-Punk

This weeks video is about Vampire Weekend, a band. What got me attracted to this video was its really cool video and music. Seems more like a kindergarten rhyme to me. Worth listening to about 5 times, then simple close the window and move on 🙂 They seem to have a lot of other videos […]

Weekend Video: Pay my Rent Or. . .

I remember seeing this video in YouTube some time back, but it seems to have been deleted when I wanted to watch it again. Thanks to the viral internet, another site has this up. A cool video where the “landlord” goes around asking for the rent! Videos like this are very difficult to create, especially […]

Fun: Google is funny!

In todays world, when you want to answer something you know nothing about, you just say: “Yo Just Google it Maan!”. Google is a search engine that is supposed to know everything right? Right. Check out the answer to the answer to life, the universe, and everything. 🙂 And guess whats on sale on Ebay […]

In the spirit of Christmas!

Its the holiday week, I expect the traffic to dip on almost all the blogs and online shopping and even offline shopping to pick as CNN reports that a chunk of US citizens are not done with the X’Mas shopping yet! And as for this blog and me, I might get back to regular blogging […]

Humour: The Cruel Indian Reality!

This is another of those mails I keep getting everyday. This one actually portrays the funny side of Indian society. Keep smiling and have a smashing weekend! Do consider sharing this post with your friends with a stumble or a digg 🙂 The problem of reading things too literally and reading between the lines? 😀 […]