Thoughts: Is China Paranoid or Smart?

My dad is a huge fan of the stock market. He spends time studying the market, trading and watching the ticker on for hours. It was last week I heard about the youku Initial Public Offering(IPO) listing in the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) with a valuation of $5 Billion giving it a worth which […]

Tribute to MJ

No other artist has possibly invoked so many emotions from across the world. He made them dance, laugh, cry and spit on him. He considered himself an alien, a boy in the magical world. He was a dancer who sang and danced and made his own mark on our generation. He was Michael Jackson. You […]

History of the Internet

If I ever had anything to thank politics for, it would be for the internet. I never knew that the cold war and cuban misssiles had so much to do with what internet is all about today and the sense of urgency they initiated to develop this communication medium.  Watch the whole video about how […]

Saving Streaming Videos from Any Video Sites

I know saving videos from online streaming video sites are a headache. Fortunately for YouTube, which has a lot of tools which allow you to do it on the fly. For lesser known and niche sites like Amvizone, saving a video is a much desired feature. I was searching for a way to download my […]

Weekend Video – My Fave Car!

I am on a roll this month looking for some good posts and today being the start of the weekend, I decided to revive my weekend video days. Today YouTube brought me the video of my favourite car – The Mercedes S-Class. Though I would preferbly buy a E-Class if I had the money since […]

How much do you love your GirlFriend?

Starting this week, I am planning to share some videos here on my blog. The videos will be posted everyweek starting this Saturday. Here is my first video. Lovers say they the will bring the moon for their love. See what these guys do to show their love! Enjoy and don’t forget to leave your […]

Orkut & YouTube, Merged?

Today I was doing what every teenager does online, using the most popular social networking site on the net – Orkut. But what was different today was a new button on the sidebar – Video. Naturally curious, I went on to check it out, I was surprised, it enabled users to share videos. It is […]

YouTube Users: Get a sniff of Money!

YouTube is now following the trends of a internet economic network like the Agloco, Revver and others. Its founder Chad Hurley, announced at the World Economic Forum in Davos on Friday that it is considering sharing its revenue with its users. This could mean a lot for the users of the most popular video sharing […]