Taking Time Off

Last weekend I booked tickets to Banglore with the intent of cutting myself off from the internet and all those jangling phone calls. But I am getting kind of uneasy when I do not blog for days! Its like a total addiction. When I think about something interesting or when something funny happens, the first thing i think about sharing it is on my blog! 🙂 Has this happened to you? Right now, I am in banglore, logging in for some 15 minutes a day, catching up with my RSS and emails and other stuff.

Banglore is a really rocking place to be with its great hangouts and atmosphere and everything is hip around here. But one complaint i have is the language used in mass transport like the busses. Everything is in Kannada, not another language used. Makes life hell for a tourist. Not to mention the autorickshaws waiting to exploit my strangness of the town.

I am mainly here for some sightseeing and stuff. Keep you guys updated as soon as I reach home and I am really sorry if I could not respond to your mails and comments in time since my time in front of the computer is extremely limited! By the way, are you from Banglore? If so, we can arrange a meetup sometime this week.

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