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Thats a lot of “Blog” word on the title!

As I wrote a review about King Nomar a few weeks ago, I was talking about the various competitions on the blogosphere. Its a wonderful way of getting feedback about your site and gettting some linklove on the way. I found today while surfing the net in some forum. He is currently running a blog review competition giving away 10$ for the best review of his site. And the second best and the third best are not be dissapointed as they too will receive about 5$ each. So here is my review of BAYB.

I will do it the same way I did the review for King Nomar.BAYB is a blog about your blog, err..what does that mean? After browsing the site for a while, I think it means its a blog for your blog. They have a lot of competitions and other stuff running that can get some exposure for your blog. They encourage reader participation a lot and this can be a learning experience for me and you too if your blog simply lies there, getting no user comments.

They seem to have a lot of authors to write for them, about 28 of them! No wonder that they can roll out content just like that. To say that 2 heads are better than one, what about 28 of them! ;-D Comming to blog design of BAYB, honestly I am not very impressed with them. I was never a fan of 3-column layouts, it looks like its a lot crowded out there and at times I did get lost. But since they have a lot of content to display, I think this layout makes sense there.

The content of the site seems to be mostly regarding the the various competitions and awards on the internet. Adsense placement is pretty blended in, or is it too much blended in? Take your call on that one. 🙂

This is the review about BAYB from TheAnand. I was wondering why I was doing these type posts of posts, I think I need some Karma from the blogosphere. Plus, what I have I got to loose by giving some quality feedback on any site? Make sure you hop on to BAYB and say hi! 🙂

Update: They have changed the look of the BAYB to a better 2-column layout which looks pretty good. So the comments I have made on the 3-column layout is nulled! 🙂

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