The End of Teen life and Google B’day Gift

Today I, The Anand turned twenty after, well 20 years of my birth 😆 I usually don’t really celebrate my birthdays cuz its been that way for as long as I can remember. So no birthday cake cutting pictures or party pictures today.

I was also happy to discover that I share my birthday with Micheal Kwan, the freelance writer who is rumored to be JohnChows’ accomplice in the laters panda slaying ventures. Happy Birthday Kwan!

Also, today was the day of Q4 Pagerank updates, I finally had a push on my blog and other sites to a err, not so impressive ranks of about 2-4 on all my sites. Though not so much to write home about. It is definitely a ego booster like Alexa rankings. Useless, but very much satisfying these numbers are. 😐

So, now wish me happy birthday and tell me your sites rank out of 10. 😀

To make things clearer, the rumor that Kwan is a JohnChow partner was started by me.. 😈

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