The King Returns with Insane FREE hosting

King Nomar, my good Internet friend and my first Internet money making friend went low profile after he sold his blog. I am sure he must have got some nice change since it was bought by iEntry. The very same iEntry who bought CashQuests for $15,000 (I think) recently and are in the perfect process of killing it. They have not even approved my comments on that blog yet. I sometimes feel sorry for these blogs which are rarely updated by the new owners and end up in a slow death.

More on that later. But King Nomar is currently working a whole lot of new projects and stuff ambitiously and the latest being a free web hosting site. Unlike many of the free hosts like Geocities or others who have ads on 3/4th of the page, InsaneGB has chosen the ad free route and left me wondering why the hell anyone would want to throw away all these features:

  • 5GB of Free Space.
  • 20GB of Bandwidth.
  • UNLIMITED MySQL, Addon domains and FTP accounts
  • No forced ads or other hidden costs.

Well, I guess the King is feeling generous at the moment to throw away great space and bandwidth for totally free. 😀 Anyways, I just signed up for my space on this free web host. I tried running a few php scripts like joomla, guest books and some private php scripts I own. I must say it works like a charm, quick and responsive.

Great Support

Nomar is a guy who is online all the time, also he has a team behind it to help you out with all your queries ASAP. And besides that, he is a great friend for you to depend on anytime of the day.

All in all, InsaneGB is a great company if you are looking for move from a free host with cpanel. On a closer look, I find that Nomar has 9MB and now a InsaneGB. Whats with MBs and GBs, pal? 🙂

  1. Yes what you say is 100% rite and I know a bit of Nomar from his 9mb and king nomar blog…he is such a nice guy…I am looking forward for the hosting project….I am signing one too

  2. Here’s my question: They promise 99.9% uptime. If they don’t deliver on that promise, what do you get? 🙂

    I’m only asking, cuz they’re down right now.

  3. I don’t get it.

    What I was referring to is that with these guarantees, most hosts offer some refund or duration of free hosting or upgrade if they don’t deliver on the uptime guarantee…

    What I was asking (joking rather) is that here there’s nothing to give back.

  4. I’ve always been confused as to how they calculate uptime.

    0.01% amounts to just over 7 hours a month, which is 1:48 hours of downtime allowed a week.

    I never got how one can guarantee something like this.
    Or is it 99.9% uptime a month/year/duration of your package?

    Oh well.

  5. Whoops, I missed a few decimal places… lol

    99.9% uptime means downtime of no more than 43.2 minutes every month! Sorry, I can’t do math.

    So what happens when a server is hit with one of those 3 hours outages?

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