The Power of Technorati Train

It has been a good 15 days since I got on board the Technorati Link Train, the results I must say have been simply super I must agree. I ranked somewhere near the north of 1,000,000+. There is a debate going on if this is good for blogs and if its okie to game the Technorati rankings, nothing concrete seems to have come out of it yet, and technorati does not seem to mind this kind of exchanges. Here are the results after I got abroad the Technorati Train:

The Technorati Train

I dare you, click on the link, evil idea huh? 😉 I must say that it was quite a climb to go up! And some of my posts to helped me find some links on other blogs too. Thanks everyone for linking to me! My Free Review and Backlink offer still open if you are interested.

Another good thing to note is that this blog now has a pagerank. Thats a good sign of blog growth, and some inspiration to keep blogging too! The hopelessly increasing Alexa rankings was nice watching this month, up about 200,00+ rankings this month to reach 273,708 as of today. I never trust Alexa rankings, mainly since it has nothing to do with the actual ranking of any domain. So looks like the web has started recognizing my blog after almost 6 months of blogging. Still a long way to go! I will post my earnings this month on another post tomorrow or so, it was a super month for the blog financially too! So watch out for my monthly earnings update!

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