The Psychology Of Making Money – Part 1

Do you have it in you to make money? Make them in hard cold cash? Live with it? Do you earn or make them?

Almost everyone employed earns them, even I did till the end of last month. I was working at a telecom company here, Airtel, Cochin as a Retention Officer. I earned about 121$ a month. Yea, people still work for that kind of money, even less. My job was to retain customers leaving our Telephone and Broadband service. I left it last month to concentrate harder on my college and to take care of some inherited business. But I was totally new to this whole “make money online” concept. But I learned quickly, thanks to a million blog out there. When I read about people making 3+ figures of income online, I was interested. My first full time job paid me only 75$ !

I told you earlier that making money online is not easy to say the least, but it is possible. But do you have it in you? In the beginning I talked about earning and making money. I made 121$ working about 10 hours a day, John Chow makes about 16$ an hour as per his latest earnings report. Get the difference? One guy is earning, the other is making money doing something he loves doing. People are happy going to the job, work for hours, get their fixed monthly renumeration and be happy with it.

But to make money, online or offline, you have to have that attitude. At least thats what I have noticed seeing others making money. Creating more income is simple, but most of us are making it harder. Most working people in this world have a limitation, a limited channel from where money appears. But to make money we must remove that limited thinking of our mindset. We must acknowledge that money is abundant, money is to be made, more of it. MORE.

Once you realise and acknowledge it, it will be easier to open yourself to making money. Everytime you say you earn xxx$ of money, you are limiting yourself, making boundaries in your mind. Tomorrow, I will tell you about making money attitudes and how to bring them into yourself. Hope you liked this post. Do add in your roses, brickbats and rotten eggs with me! 😉

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