The Psychology Of Making Money – Part II

Ready to change yourselves? Ready to bring in that money is abundant attitude? Here is the first part of this series of “The Psychology Of Making Money”.

Here are 3 tips from TheAnand that will help you make money than earn them

Money is Energy: That’s right. In Hinduism, we worship the Goddess of Wealth and Prosperity. We pray that the goddess should visit us, be with us bringing in money and prosperity. We are creating an ambiance for the money to flow in. We become the masters of money by allowing it to come to us freely, not restricting it with any mis-aligned thoughts. I earn only xxx$ is a limiting thought indeed.

Money is not biased: Money never cared who you are, where you are from, what you do. It is not biased to any faith or anyone in particular. Bill Gates has money, Osama Bin Laden has money, heck even I have! Money has no values or beliefs, except the ones you put into it. You think it to be bad, it is. If you think money is good, it is a nice feeling to have money. It will have positive effects on you. Greed and philanthropy, both are associated with money. This compliments the first point, money is energy, limitless energy, Energy can help and harm.

Money is Unlimited: When I mean unlimited, it means there is no limit to how much you can make. You don’t have to be limited in your life, in anything. Allow money to come in. Create a need, say you want a Mercedes, open yourself to the limitless energy, let it come in. Open yourselves to this most sought after power, the most powerful energy on earth. This energy will slowly but surely flow into your life also.

I must tell you with great respects to the the fate, I always got what I wanted in life. When I wanted good marks at school, I just told myself I want xx% this year, and believe me, I got that exact same percentage! I told myself, I need a LCD monitor, I got it, but smaller. đŸ˜€ I told myself, I want to become a businessman just like my Grandfather, guess what? Thats co-incidences too many!

Hence I totally trust this method, it works for me! I just think hard about what I want. Every moment I am free, before I sleep, before I get out of bed. All the time. Tell yourself what you want. You will get it. And soon you will be teling others about making money rather than earning it. Good luck. As always, comments, roses, rotten eggs and leftover stale pizzas are welcome! Thanks.

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