TheAnand has new looks!

Starting from yest. this blog was on a maintainence stage. I updated the WordPress to the latest 2.1 Ella, which is an important upgrade as per the WordPress team as it included important patches and fixes. Then I changed the colors of this blog and “personalized’ this blog a bit.

Upgrading WordPress was as easy as installing it, hats off to the development team there! The documentation was self-explanatory and easy for anyone to follow. Following that, I changed the header image of the MistyLook theme as many blogs used this theme and as I said earlier, I “personalized” this blog. The header image now is the instrumental cluster of my favourite car – Mercedes Benz. The other colors were changed according to the header.

I would have been at a loss on how to change the colors if it had not been for the “Web Developer” Plug-in. It had a nice integrated CSS editor which could be used to view/change the CSS sheet of any page. The best part is that is that the changes can be viewed in real-time, this plug-in for firefox is very useful.

And some plugins have also been added to maximize the looks and usability. So, what do you think? Leave your comments and suggestions on the new TheAnand Blog.

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