TheAnand is looking for Content Developers

Are you the kind of person who can do with a full time employment at home? Are you self motivated? Are you looking for a job!?

I am looking forward to consolidating my network of sites online and bring them under a single umbrella soon. I need a few content developers who can write basic english and have some internet experience (if you use orkut/facebook a lot, you have it. ) and willing to spend about 5-6 hours a day.

Your profile will be to provide me with content on my network of sites on a variety of niches and topics. If you are not really looking for work from home and are based around the Cochin region, you are welcome to apply too. I have a empty office which I can setup for this. The job is not very technical, so no worries about that either. Salaries are totally negotiable for the right person.

Ping me on the following if you want to join TheAnand!



Phone: +91 9846 430 463