TheAnand is The Back!

Sorry to dissapoint, but I am not dead!

Initially it was all the work that kept me busy, then I got angry, sad, frustrated and everything else. Guess all the feelings I have been supressing for sometime now just had to surface. So, I spent the last month or so looking for answers, finding out where I am headed to down the line.

The problem is simple. Internet money, as glamorous as it may seem has terrible headaches associated. I have been online for almost more than half my life and am seriously thinking of taking Internet as my career.

But when you take up something as a career, you are looking for something that  dependable enough that the electricity, cable and the phone guys do not come and pull the plug for non-payment of dues.

But this happened last month, my internet connection and my mobile phone was disconnected for non-payment and it was not some forgetfulness that caused it. Its internet money.

Basically, here is what happened. My earnings from MarketLeverage for December, which is affiliate marketing was


And my January earnings from MarketLeverage was


Income dropped from $900 to $200 in just 30 days. And $200 does not even cover my employee salaries to be honest. It is hellish to think about having a life around something which fluctuates so much. And since I am living with my parents, food and accommodation thankfully was not in trouble. When I get married, have a housing loan on my head and not to mention kids to feed, the internet money cannot be as undependable. Got me thinking hard and sleepless. Something has to be done.

Most of you know that I am a college dropout which basically ruins my chances of getting a job offline, and so one of the first decisions was to go back to college in the 2009 batch. I am taking up journalism for my bachelors as it releates to offline journalism and media. Just as a backup in case the Internet starts acting corky again later.

About work, I decided to call quits on all non-potential projects and stop trying “new methods to make money” and stick with what I know best, which is Adsense, Affiliate Marketing and SEO. I know it works, so why waste time on anything else, right?

Next, I decided to concentrate on outsourcing all major and minor works from installing wordpress, adding analytics to creating content and obtaining backlinks so that it will fit into my busy college schedule. This should possibly be completed by the end of April or May in stages. So, do not be surprised if TheAnand or Ayruz Web Holdings come over to recruit youngsters from your college in the days of recession. You know Recession is a joke.  🙂

And another major shift will be to get organized and estabilish a business process which my employees can follow in my absense and get things done easily and productively. Internet is no longer pocket money, but a business as any other. Better start treating it like one!

Hows life taking you guys these days? Hope its better.