595 Feed Subscribers!

I would to clarify that I have not been doing any experiments about the relation in context of blogs, thir traffic metrics and not posting. 😉 Just that I was busy trying to figure out where the Indian stock market is heading to. 🙁

I would like to welcome all my 595 Feed readers to TheAnand 😉 I crossed the 500 subscribers mark last week and hope I can touch the 1000 readers by the end of November. Thanks for adding me to your readers people, I am humbled and it makes me all the more responsible about what I blog! The instant I hit publish, I am reaching out to 500+ people!!! It makes me very picky about what I want to blog too!!!

For the readers, if there is any topics specifically you would like me to blog about, leave a comment or ping the hell off me on Yahoo! 😉

Also for the sponsors out there, the advertising rates for this blog stays the same in case anyone wants to share their services with my readers.

For other bloggers in the sphere, if you are looking for spots to guest blog at, TheAnand now accepts guest bloggers too.

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