Time to rename Internet as Google!

💡 Well, its time! Seriously.

I think its time we call internet as Google, considering the amount of influence they have on internet and its users now. With the acquisition of Feedburner last week, Google has totally taken close to full control over how we receive information to our computer. The search, the emails, the RSS reader, the feed channel, traffic statistics, online advertising, social networking, blogs, firefox ❓ and host of other services. How can this affect us?

Yahoo! has had a host of services for a long time, a wide range that serves a lot of people in a of a wide age group. But they are not even close to the mammoth Google. Bill Gates thinking “They don’t have anything unique, they have what everybody else has….nothing new” now looks like a BIG joke! Google has what everybody has…true, they buy them out!

I use Google for a lot of things, mainly

  • The Google Search
  • Orkut – Social Networking
  • Feedburner, Feedoogle, GooBurner whatever thats going to be called 😆
  • Google Analytics
  • Adsense, though pathetic in returns
  • Google Reader, New to this
  • Gmail – For the simple reason that I need it for using other services
  • Webmaster Tools
  • YouTube

That’s a lot of services for which I am dependent on Google for!

The Good: I now have a greater degree of interaction between my services since they are from a single company. Something Yahoo! is fairly good at and MS never even had. This means we can have better searches, better statistics, better intruding “contextual ads” on our services! 😆

The Bad: More dependency on a single service. A single hack or an exploit can endanger your whole online life. I was never a fan of Google and its over-priced shares, but respect them for creating useful apps making our life easier. But putting all of it into one basket? Not a good idea.

The Ugly: What if you commit a murder? Google can accurately find you with your searches along with your sitting posture with their Google Maps. They can even map your murder motive with your MindRank and other things. And yes, watchout for that contextual ads in your lucid dreams!!!! 😈

Time Out! Okie, maybe we all should should use the best service in the market than fear Google intruding our privacy. I use emails with Yahoo, chats with MSN or Live or whatever and search with Google. Its good news for everyone that we now have better access and Google is inching towards its motive of “Organizing the World’s Information”.

What products do you use? What alternatives are available? Is this Good, Bad or down right Ugly? What do you think? Please do comment on this since I rather feel strongly about it. I am interested to know your thoughts.

  1. Google Services I use :
    Google Search
    Google Blog Search
    Google Docs (Writely)
    Webmaster Tools
    Orkut (I truely hate orkut but kind of forced to use it because so many of my friends use it. Orkut sicks. Facebook is a zillion times better than orkut).

  2. I take issue with your suggestion that Google controls Firefox. That couldn’t be farther from the truth. The people that control Firefox are the people who are making Firefox. Even if the Firefox lead developers were on Google’s payroll (which they’re not) Google still wouldn’t control Firefox. There is a large and diverse community of paid folks and volunteers scattered all over the world and working for a wide variety of interests and because of that no one company, not even the Mozilla organization itself “controls” Firefox.

    I know this might sound a bit ranty, but I think it’s important. That no one company controls Firefox means that no one company controls how you access the Web. This is precisely why Firefox is so important to the health and safetly of the Web.

    – A

  3. Before there was Google, at various times during the evolution of internet, folks just like you wanted to call internet as Compuserve, AOL, Netscape, AltaVista, Yahoo, etc. and yet internet remains internet. I don’t claim to be clairvoyant but I am certain there will be internet even after Google.

  4. Pallab – Thats quite a lot ❗

    Asa – I understand, but still you cannot deny that Google is acting GodFather to fx…why else would any company pay to download products of another company? 👿

    Chai – I am sure the internet will exist…it has evolved and grown too big for anyone to control it. But I am talking about the way you use the internet will be thru one single monopoly, that is google. These days they are taking over companies at the pace of one a day…i am concerned abt that.

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