Six Surefire Tips for Success and Money Online/Offline

You never get rich working for someone else. A typical day jobbers’ life goes something like this

  1. Wake Up
  2. Go to Work
  3. Pay Bills
  4. GOTO Step 1

A very few do save a lot of money only to spend it in an emergency. So a lot of people, particularly youngsters want to make money online and be their own boss. Here are a few tips I think will help in molding a perfect you.

1. Know your target audience

Online or offline, its easy to create a product but not knowing your target audience can be a disaster. Before you start a site or a service, research so that you do not have to repent. TIME is money and you don’t have a way to compensate it.

2. Have a damn monetization plan!

At least a vague one initially. adsense, affiliates, offline money making, indirect monetization or anything. It helps a lot in the later days. Before you jump into a project, ask yourself, how do I make money off this? Or ask yourself, how do I benefit from this? It does not have to be money always, you benefit from getting to know more people, new contacts, or be able to push your other services, or just have a brand built up for you. Otherwise you end up having a really popular site and a target traffic who will not want to buy anything from you or even click on your ads.

3. Failure is not an option

I do not want to repeat the Abraham Lincoln history here, but when you fail at something, learn you lesson and move on. The one who repeats his mistakes deserves to be ran over by a herd of bulls! 🙂

4. You can do it!

Seriously you can. Repeat it when you wake up and when you get to bed, you will be able to do just about anything. Our sub-conscious mind is very powerful, but its your thought that makes or breaks it. Tell yourself that “you suck” and you eventually you will.

5. The Wheel can be reinvented

No matter how many people tell you that an idea is doomed to fail as its already there, it still can succeed. Digg clones, YouTube clones and heck, even start a new educational institution!

6. Sh*t or GET OFF the POTTY!

I am sure Shoemoney will agree. I have had it happen to me as well, a good idea not followed will make you admire be jealous of the person who did it. You will regret you did not do it at the right time. Try it, if it fails, LEARN YOUR LESSON and MOVE ON! Simple as that.

Hope these tips help 🙂 Not that I am some kind of a Guru in anything, I firmly believe these are the essential tips any wannabe e’pruner. What do you say?

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