True money making opportunities

There are many ways to make cash from the internet. Here are some really fun and easy ways to make money on the net which require little or rather no effort from your side.

1. Make money through online paid surveys:

This the easiest and fun part of making money online. The concept is pretty straight forward. There are a number of companies who want to know the feedback of consumers like you and me. They approach market researchers like Ciao, SurveySavvy, ACOP etc. who in turn forward those surveys to us and take our opinion and pay us for our feedback. Sounds like hard work doesn’t it ? ? 🙂 Read my reviews of the various market researchers here.

2. Make money by becoming an affiliate member:

This is also a lucrative opportunity. This type of earning programs requires you to sell some products online for which you make a commission of the sale. These type of programs usually give you a high payout depending on the product/service you sell. Payouts vary from 5% up to more than 50%.

3. Create websites and blogs:

These are usually for the more serious money maker as they involve continuous contribution and patience and they have a chance of becoming a long term money making mechanism if properly executed. After you create a website about your favourite topic you can sign up for the various Pay-Per-Click schemes available, most famous being Google Adsense.

There are probably more money making opportunities on the internet. But then those listed above require very little effort and can be easily done by anyone and everyone.

Another new money making opportunity is through getting into paid surfing and AGLOCO is the best and the latest one out there. Read more about AGLOCO here.

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