Using the Theory of Relativity

Written in one of those moments when I thought – “This is definitely going in my blog!”.

Brilliant man the person was…the person above – Mr. Albert Einstein.

The theory of relativity is something I always found fascinating. It is deep when you think about it in your life. It is used by everyone when every they are expressing something.

I very recently got introduced to a person via a common friend as a “Successful Entrepreneur”. I was flattered obviously, but beyond that I was thinking about relativity at that point. This person who has introduced me is not an entrepreneur and does not know even the specifics of my business, but he considered me successful (flattery or real).

But when I ask myself, am I successful? I think not. Why? Because I like to compare myself with entrepreneurs like the Ambanis, the Tatas or even Mr. Gates! They are successful in my eyes.

The same goes with pretty much everything you talk about. Everything big, small, fast or slow is relative to something or someone which the person talking about it has previously experienced or seen.

When someone says Life is hard, I am tempted to ask “Compared to what?” –  Unknown


Next time, someone says something is easy or difficult, understand what they are comparing it to to get a better clarity of stuff!