Video: Vir Das on News On The Loose

Another set of fabulous videos from Vir Das, the acclaimed comedian who airs weekly on CNBC’s News On the Loose. You can call me a fan of these kind of TV Shows. I do not watch them regularly, but do manage to find them on repeat shows and stuff. So, here are a few videos for you to start off a fun filled weekend! Happy Weekend Folks!

First up,, Vir Das talks about the various ways you can find out if your minister is on opium. This is to mock the national politician dude, Mr. Jaswant who was on the news for his presence at a rave party! Funny Stuff!

Next we have the various faces and what they mean when people on the news talk. Thats some rib tickling stuff!

Finally, here are the top 5 signs that will help you know if you are the richest man in the world or not! Enjoy!

Happy Weekend!

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