Want to waste 3 hours? Watch Saawariya.

I am never a movie buff, but I do go to about 5-7 movies a year or so. But firstI just came home after watching Saawariya, the much anticipated Diwali release. I am too stupified to even guess what I did the last 3 hours of my life. Not a single scene stays in my mind and I have no guess on why this movie was even made in the first place either.

Saawariya Movie Review Was it a commercial movie? No. If it was, where are those awsome fights, rib tickling comedy or even a proper love story? Was it meant as a social artistic movie? No again. If it was, where is the message to the masses? Just cause you have a lot of money and marketing expertise, you cannot create a movie. Or even hype that its a much anticipated one! As I said, I am too stupified to even guess! One thing I noticed was the new faces casted in the movie, Ranbir Kapoor. He was a real chocolate hero, cute, metrosexual and hot (don’t get me wrong here now 😀 ) He was filled with a lot of energy and dance moves were pretty much smooth and rocking.

He came, she came too, he loved her. but she already loves someone else. He convinces her to love him, she agrees and then the real “he” comes in and takes her away. The End.

There you go, I just saved 3 hours of your life and the multiplex ticket costs. I never yawn in the cinema hall. But today it happened 🙁 Though, I must comment that the movie was well made with a lot of care on the artworks and the setup. Also the music is a chartbuster already. But sadly, what good is a good movie without a good story?

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