Warning:Are you the #1?

Are you the #1 out there? I am usually asking this since I have seen a few #1’s being toppled off by others. These new #1’s are then toppled by others and so on. It is usually very easy to target the numero uno and try to overtake them. But staying at the top is pretty difficult since you have to do things done by none, you have no guiding light and have to tread ways untread paths.

So, how does this relate to my web development blog? Google came, toppled Yahoo!, iPod came, toppled the good ole` Walkman and the recent changes in Google got my blog kicked out of the top positions for “Web Design Cochin” and “Web Designer Cochin” 🙁 This is another dampener besides the delayed pagerank. I loved ranking for those phrases only due to a personal satisfaction and to learn some SEO for terms that include cochin since there is not much competition for that.

Getting out of ranting too much, I just noticed that its better to compete with the results above me in Google than try to play with Google itself 😀 What do you say?

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