What Do You Want Your Readers To Do?

Recently I had a chance to check up on my friends blog to edit his theme a bit. I was taken aback with this bloggers design. He has two different plugins for social bookmarking, his each post had some 7-10 tags, 2 sets of related posts and a rss subscription options and luckily no ads.

That got me thinking, what do you want your readers to do after reading a post in your blog? Initially my aim was to increase  rss subscribers which saw my subscribers catapult from 200s to the present 800s range. I have also added adsense to some of my posts in the footer recently.

Each visitor to your site is very important. Like a well built sales page, converting them to your advantage is very important. Have an idea of what of you want, then build your design around it. A few things you might want your readers to do after reading your article:

  • Subscribe to your feeds
  • Click on your ads
  • Explore more pages in you blog
  • Buy your services/products
  • Submit your site to Social Media
  • Comment on the post

I would suggest concentrating on a maximum of 2 goals initially. So, what does your post footer look like?

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