What type of Traffic are you getting?

For the last few weeks, I had put a stop to my “1 site a week” stretegy and had been concentrating on my network and trying to increase the worth of it than work with numbers. I noticed this site in the network which gets pathetic traffic.


And guess how much this single site been earning?


It was surprising! Its been quietly making this money and I had not even had the mind to optimize it! Guess what? Its not about how much traffic you got, or how much subscribers you got in your niche market that matters. How many of them are sitting with a credit card in their hands, ready to buy what you offer them? Thats where your success as a affiliate marketer is. No one can teach you affiliate marketing, except testing and tweaking 🙂 I will update you guys on how this site optimization goes in a month or two. It looks like it has the potential of $50 a day.

P.S: Even if you have a blog, check its stats and integrate adsense with your analytics account. Find out the converting pages, study the ad placement and work on creating more content on that topic or gaining more traffic from that source.

  1. Less is often more!

    My blogger blog which I last updated in August 2008 with less than 1500 visits a month brings me more Adsense Cash than the current one with close to 10k visits a month!

  2. The thing with the main site is that, I havent gone after the posts, instead they were coming to me.

    Like, I never track the best keywords, instead write whats good in my mind.

    Have to do a bit of targetting , I will do a detailed analysis as soon as I can poke me nose out of my books… (officially, its always out 😛 )

    Exam starts on 13th! Seeking your blessings 🙂

  3. Hi Anandji;)

    Im looking forward to start couple of blogs of my own and im really confused with which webhost i should go for. Can u help me out with this 🙂


    1. I hav added you on yahoo…lets talk about that 😉 I think hosting shud be chosen carefully cuz it is the most important part of your business.

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