Where are those who feed on me?

Today I was checking my dream run on my feedburner increase since last 2-3 weeks using my proprietry techniques 🙂 But logging into my feedburner account, this is what I saw

Feedburner suddenly shows ZERO!!!

The other day TheNextWeb wrote about a way to increase your feed subscribers using some really evil ways! Maybe Feedburner is busy plugging this loophole. I did a quick search and found that this was not the first time feedburner is doing this!

  1. Hai Anand ,
    I was visiting this page from BCK2008 official page , i accidentally saw your posts regarding the feeds . Feed burner the well known feeder recently moved its servers to Google servers in AUG3.All URLs feeding at feeds.feedburner.com will be now to redirect to feedproxy.google.com.So only few selected feeds have been migrated to avoid server load during this process . Hope it will get cleared soon….

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