Which Harry Potter Character Are You?

Tickle is a great fun way to waste some quality and get to know yourself better! I am the one himself! I could always related myself to Harry at certain points in his “life” too. This just confirms it! So which Potter Character are you?

Take this test!

Who else has what it takes to be the star of the show? While you can occasionally fly off the handle just a little or take things a bit too far, you’re usually good as goblin blood. It’s not that you look for trouble — it just ends up finding you.

It seems like you should be pretty full of yourself, but you keep it all in check. In fact, a little birdie told us (well, it was actually an owl) that you’re not always the most confident person, but you believe in yourself when it really matters. You might not have the wand or spell books quite yet, but you’ve got the support of your friends until you visit Diagon Alley.

Now where is that Voldemort character. I am in mood to bust some A$$ 🙂 Share your results with me and add me as a friend on tickle!

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