Why are Domains Parked?

domain_parkingI was recently talking to Arun of MillionClues about a goof up I saw on TV sometime back where a reporter was talking about a resourceful Cosmetics site. We wandered to a topic on why people just buy and squat on domain names.

What is Domain Parking?

Our good friend, Mr. Wikipedia defines Domain Parking as a practice to register good domain names and not using them as a website. There are two types of domain name parking. One like my own Shymz, which has been registered with a plan for future development and is unmonetized. The other is one which is monetized with text links and looks very much like a normal website with a bunch of links and almost nil content.

Monetized Domain Parking

There are many companies which pay you to park your domains including Google as per the number of clicks your site will generate. I am against this type of monetization as it not only reduces the quality of Internet as a whole, but also leads to genuine sites being developed on such good domain names.

Where is the Traffic coming from?

Root of every online monetization strategies is traffic. Without traffic, your site is as good as being dead. So, how do you bring traffic to a bunch of sites? The best part is, you do not even have to try! There are tons of newbies to the internet for whom opening Internet Explorer and typing in “topic.com” is the final authority in the topic they are looking for!

I know a few friends who make money just by registering domains like this or those domains which are typos of popular sites. But it needs to be done in huge numbers to make any serious money and as I said, it will kill the internet. But on the other hand, it makes perfect sense to advertisers to advertise in these sites to get cheap and quick exposure in front of their audience.

  1. I guess most of the common names are taken. But since the English language is ever growing and words being added daily, maybe we still have a change 🙂

    Wish I had born some 10 years earlier so I could register some of them 😛

  2. @bobit, yea, its a great business only if you scale it up…good content will make more money than having it parked!

    @arun, there are better ways to earn money online 😛

  3. @stevie you will get the most out of domain parking by first understanding what you will get out of it. parking generally pays very low, and therefore you should steer clear of it and actually think about developing sites. this is not 1994 anymore, therefore parking is a thing of the past. use http://www.noomle.com and develop your sites, they let you keep all your earnings and its up to you how much you want to make.

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