Why everyone should start a Make Money Online Blog

Make Money Online BlogTruthfully, I started blogging to make money online and am still focused on it. And I believe that everyone should start with making money online. The niche almost exploded when JohnChow, the papa make money blogger started his little experiment.

Then on till today, most of them have quit, some succeeded and others moved to greener pastures (niches). Starting off with making money online will allow you to learn a whole of thing which you will miss if you start with other niches. What did I learn from Making Money Online? Truthfully Loads!

Money is a very powerful motivator and dreams of having to do nothing and getting adsense cheques every month is a wonderful thing to keep blogging 🙂 These days most people tell you that make money online is a stupid niche to start with mainly cuz there are so many of them already and its almost saturated.

But I would tell you, start one on it cuz the make money online market will not saturate anytime soon. There are more than a million people being added each year to the internet and most of them would love to make money from their homes and live on it.

Teaching people to make money online has been my interest for sometime now and I think money maker niche blogs have the potential to teach the owner lots more than he would learn if he owned another niche blog. What type of blog do you own? Those laser targeted niche blogs or some other personal anything under the sun blogs?

  1. Yes, PHPbay and BANS are a good way to build niche stores and make money off it too. I know guys making about 100$ a day from one store….I am looking into it too.

    And about the deaign, I have not looked into the blog in IE yet!!! Lemme have a look, thanks!!!!!

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