Why I am not worried about SearchWiki

Google recently launched the social searchwiki voting style of search display. The article at the official google blog says that these changes will be shown only to the logged in users of google and not to others. However it is pretty much sure that these changes will in one way or other affect the search engine placements generally.

Blogosphere is busy talking about the end of SEO and how now a greater mass will affect the rankings of sites and stuff. But, I am not really worried about the results of my niche sites and blogs due to two main reasons.

  1. How many users of Google will be faintly interested in keeping a search record? Google is possibly trying to bring in a bookmarking system into the personalized search of users. Not even 10% of the total online searchers are techies or webbies. They just want information, and Google is popular due to its mass following.
  2. Who will vote for a result before looking at a page? Will people look at a page, then go back and vote the result up again? I won’t!
  3. Will people search for the exact same phrase again and again? I am a online junkie, when I do a search, I usually search, find information and close browser and get on with life (As if have one!). Okay, there are searches like “wordpress themes” and others which I do repetitively too.

What are your insights on the new searchwiki by google?

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